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MAXIMIZE Sales and Focus on more OPPORTUNITIES with the RFQ Portal

The Rz RFQ Portal is a secure vendor RFQ transaction facilitator engineered to EXPEDITE purchasing time!

Vendors receive a “RFQ Response” link that takes them to your secure Rz Quote requirements you have specified and can not submit incomplete responses.

Your quote specifications are not limited but can include items such as:

  • Available Quantities
  • Pricing
  • Packaging
  • Country Of Origin
  • …..and any other necessary requirements

The RFQ Portal Expedites the Sales Process:

  • Vendors are unable to submit incomplete responses and the completed RFQs are received directly into the Rz system eliminating manual entry and human error
  • The RFQ is customized, professional and can be reviewed, revised and accepted etc in real time
  • Automated Full Team Notifications of Vendor Responses
  • Review and Evaluate ALL responses
  • Streamline Customer REQUIREMENT Entry

The RFQ Portal ELIMINATE Order Status Calls:

  • Customers log-in to track orders status or order history
  • Give Customers a Live Order Status View

Rz Enterprise Business Intelligence unifies organizations by eliminating departmental “work arounds” with an Electronic Component Distribution System engineered to maximize efficiencies and allow sales to be the driving force!