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Rz Enterprise unifies your organization by eliminating departmental work-arounds with a distribution system engineered to maximize efficiencies and allow sales to be the driving force!  Recognin has been focused on the electronic component distribution industry since 2001. All of the developers involved in the application implementation continue with us as full-time staff.

In addition to product development, our team members also work extensively with customers to implement Rz, train staff members on how to leverage each Rz feature, configure Rz’s more advanced options, design customer-specific forms and templates, and even create entire new screens.

We have worked with an extremely wide variety of component distribution firms and we are able to understand the challenges faced in your office and recommend time-tested approaches and strategies to overcome them.

Our extensive component distribution knowledge means that your staff will not have to spend time explaining what happens at each step or why. Instead, we can begin immediately with the tasks at hand, relying on your team’s expertise to tailor the Rz Enterprise platform to your business’s specific requirements.