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Recognin has Specialized in Distribution Software and Electronic Component Distribution Since 2001. For More than 20 Years Rz has Processed Orders, Manged Inventories And Engineered A Highly Advanced Business Software Platform. The System Engineers and Developers Involved in the Ongoing Support, Customization and Implementation are Full-Time Staff.

In Addition to Ongoing System Development we Work Closely with Customers during On-boarding to:

  • Determine Existing System Deficiencies
  • Evaluate and Configure Data Transfer Parameters
  • Requisition and Configure Servers
  • Implement System and Set Up Users
  • Validate Data Imports
  • Create Customer Specific Forms, Templates
  • Integrate and Configure User Email Permissions
  • Configure Compliance Procedures
  • Set User Permissions and Create Sales Teams
  • Set Up Configurable Dashboards
  • Implement Management Performance Objectives
  • Train Users to Leverage Time Saving Features
  • Identify Business Specific Development Customization Requirements

Customized Processes Specific for the Operation and Management of Your Business are Developed and Implemented Post Implementation.  We work with a Wide Variety of Component, Manufacturing and Distribution Firms Making us Uniquely Qualified to Understand the Challenges Faced in your Office and Industry so We Can Recommend Time-Tested Approaches and Strategies to Achieve Organizational Goals.

Our Extensive Component, Manufacturing and Distribution Insight Means We are Immediately On the Same Page and Management will Not Waste Time Explaining What Happens at Each Step of a Process or Why for Us To Understand Your Objectives!   That Expertise Eliminates the Learning Curve and Positions us to Begin System Projects Immediately! You Can Rely on Us to Expedite any Software Customization’s to your Exact Specifications.