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Opportunity Tracking and Time Saving Imports

OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT Includes Working on a Single Requirement To a 1,000 (One Thousand) Line Bill of Material.  This Part Number Driven System Makes Sourcing and Quoting Seamless.  Quickly Search Complete or Partial Part Numbers And See All Historical Data To Determine Availability or Sourcing Options.  Specify Manufacturer, Lot Code, Origin and Identify Suppliers, Vendors or Outside Contractors Instantly. We Have Tools and Features to Quickly Determine the Highest Value Opportunities and Track The Entire Sourcing Process. Request For Quotes RFQs Can Be Manually Entered or Imported Automatically in Batches With The History of Each Sourcing Effort and Customer Quote Visible To Management and Other Sales Team Members.

Source & Quote:

  • Single and TIME SAVING Request For Quote Batch Requirement Imports
  • Email Integration with PDF Form, Photo Attachments and Multiple Recipient Selection Options
  • Request For Quote, RFQ Broadcast by Component, Part, Manufacturer or Region
  • Vendor Bid Tracking
  • Customizable Quote PDF and Email Forms
  • Automated or Manual Call and Email Follow-Up Reminders
  • Quote Completion Statistics and Analysis Reporting
  • Kitting and Manufacturing Part Requirements, Inventory Availability and Automatic Sourcing of Missing Parts
  • Opportunity Dashboard Prioritizes Highest Value Opportunities
  • Find Relevant Historical Data Quickly To Expedite the Sourcing and Quoting Process
  • Country of Origin
  • Lot Codes

When Sourcing is Complete, Prepared Quotes Can be Grouped Into A Single Quotation Form with Attachments and Emailed Directly To The Customer, Management, Team Members and Automatically Flagged For a Follow-Up Call or Action. Managers can View the Quote Details in the Daily Recap Report or View The Quote Total In The Summaries Of Current Activities and Sales Forecasts.