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1-Use the “Orders” Sub-Menu To Create a “NEW” Sourcing Batch

2-Click “New Req” to Add a “Customer Requirement”

3-“Enter” the 1-“Part Number”, 2-“Target Quantity” and ANY Other Necessary Customer Requirement Information and Click “Update” to Save

4-Click “New Offer” to Create a New Vendor Offer

5-Enter the Vendor quote’s quantity, price, and any other information

6-Check “Accepted” on the Vendor Quote That Will be Used for the Sale

7-“Click” to Open the Customer Requirement

8-“Enter” the 1-“Quote Quantity” and 2-“Quote Price”

9-Check the requirement that is ready to be quoted to the customer

10-Click “Quote” to Add the Selected Quote to a New Quote Document

11-Click “Print and/or Email” to Send the Quote to the Customer