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We Make Compliance Easy

A Business Intelligence System Engineered to Exceed Component Distribution Standards!

ISO Compliant Features:

  • Built In Tracking That Exceeds International Quality Management System (QMS) Standards
  • Real-Time Reporting That Quickly Demonstrates The Consistent Ability to Provide Products and Services That Meet Customer and Regulatory Requirements
  • Vendor Ratings Reports at the Click of a Button
  • On Time Delivery Reporting
  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 9001
  • AS9120
  • Automated Vendor Ratings
  • Automated On Time Delivery Ratings
  • Late Shipping and Receiving Notifications
  • Quality Assurance Reporting
  • Customizable Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedures With Photo Documentation
  • Testing and Outside Service Compliance Documentation
  • HOLD Performance Ratings Automatically When Vendor, Supplier and Outside Service Providers Falling Below Standards


Rz Intelligence Immediately Identifies Compliance Areas Of Concern. Contact Us Today To See How!