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Recognin has Specialized in Electronic Component, Distribution Software and Software Development Since Inception And We Strive To Be The Best.  As Microsoft C# Experts We Can Rapidly, Design, Build and Implement Complex Software Customization’s.

Anything Unique to Your Business, Organization or Processes Can Be Easily Integrated Into Our Powerful System.

Any Projects Running in Spreadsheets Or Requiring Multiple API Integrations Are Typical Integrations Regardless Of Complexity. Our Microsoft SQL Server Database Experience Means Migrating Existing Data Is Seamless and Instant, No Duplicate Data Entry is Necessary.

Make Your Difficult Projects A Reality With Full Reporting and Access Across The Organization.  New Build Out Dashboards Identify Goals, Objectives and Performance For All to See.  Our Advanced Distribution Platform Is Capable Of Handling Anything From Simple to Large Scale Integrations.

Post Implementation Project Process:

  • Determine Specifications and Requirements
  • Compile Data Transfer Requirements
  • Test Environment Confirmation
  • Validate Data Imports
  • Confirm and Approve Specifications
  • Create Build-Out Specific Forms Or Additional Templates
  • Integrate and Configure User Email
  • Implement Necessary Compliance, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Procedures
  • Enable Management Permissions To Add Users, Teams and System Access
  • Activate Configurable Dashboards
  • Assist Implementing Management Performance Objectives
  • Launch Integrations, Enable Permission Sets and User Activation
  • Train Users to Leverage Company Specific Features

We Have Been Developing and Implementing Software Customization’s For Businesses Of Every Size and Specialty and Work with a Variety of Electronic Component, Manufacturing and Distribution Organizations For Over 20 Years, Making Us Uniquely Qualified to Understand Your Challenges. Our Insight and Experience Means Projects Are Expedited and Implemented Quickly. Communicating Your Needs Helps Us Recommend Proven Approaches That Exceed Expectations.

Our Expertise Puts Us On the Same Page Immediately.  This Insight Means No Waste Time Explaining Your Objectives.  Don’t Risk Time, Money and PROFIT Teaching Someone Your Business Only To Miss OPPORTUNITIES.  Contact Us Today To Learn More.