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A Complete System For Every Organization

Specifically Developed and Engineered for Distribution, Supplier and Manufacturing Entities With Complex Inventory, Purchasing and Sales Needs. Whether You Are an Established Distributor Who Has Outgrown Current Proprietary Software or Tired Of Custom Software Limitations Holding Back Your Growth to a New Start Up, We Can Have You Up, Running and Focusing on Growth Quickly! No Expensive Build Out or Long Development Time Line means a Quick Implementation.  Simple to Use and Intuitive Software Minimizes Employee Training.  Our Intelligent User Interface Includes Documentation And Cues For Key Tasks And a User Editable Wiki Style Style System For Documenting Your Company’s Custom Procedures and Documentation Requirements.  Ready To Use For Broker Or Stocking Component and Parts Distributors With Database Wide Matching And Search Options .   Rz is a Full ERP SAAS That Is Ready To Work IMMEDIATELY. Our TWENTY YEARS  Experience In Electronic Component Distribution Means We Understand The Complexities Of The Industry And Can Deploy Rz Quickly!

We Have A Ready To Use and Fully Customizable Sales, Operations and Business Management (SOBM) Software Solution Scalable to Any Size Organization, Number Of Divisions or Locations. From Franchise Distributors to Stocking Distributors, Consignment, Excess or Straight Brokerage Operations For Integrated Circuits and Electronic Components.  Front End Features are Designed to Capitalize Every Sales Opportunity and a Comprehensive Back End Operations Integration With a Management Home Page Dashboard That Provides Real Time Organizational Reports and Performance Analysis. Intelligent Sales Management Dashboards Rank Every Sales Opportunity and Provides Instant Performance Visibility and Results.

Success Rates are Everyone’s Concern and Dashboard Reporting Makes that Clear!! This System is Venture Capital, Bank, Tax and ISO Compliant that Optimizes Orders through to Delivery.  Easily Manage and Assign Customers, Rank and Manage Vendors, Suppliers and Contractors with A Powerful Built In Contact Relationship Management (CRM) System. Purchasing can be Customized to Automate and Streamline Manual Processes while Keeping Corporate Data Secure.

Like a Formula Racing Machine, Rz is All Performance and Equipped with Features and Functionalities That Provide a Path for Success!  We Took an Integrated Approach to Upgrading Operational Distribution Strategies with a Powerful Set of Built In Tools.  From Logistics to Warehousing, Accounting and Human Resource Capabilities Eliminates the need for Outside Accounting Systems like Quickbooks, NetSuite and Sage, CRM like Salesforce or Fishbowl Inventory Management Software and Spreadsheets. Our Part Number Based Inventory Approach Makes Complex Procurement and Sourcing Easy.

This System Unifies by Eliminating Departmental Work Arounds with a Distribution Management Software Developed to Maximize Efficiencies and Prioritize Sales and Profits as the Driving Force! Customizable to Any Organizational Structure, Companies Can Segment Business Lines Into Divisions With An Identical Feature Set For Individual Business Lines Sharing a Master Database.  A Single Database Eliminates Duplicate Data Entry Saving Time and Money.

Streamlined Distribution Processes

Maximize Internal Efficiency with an Business System to Manage, Optimize and Track the Distribution, Supply, Procurement, Assembly & Kitting, Manufacturing Processes and Fully Customized to Specific Operations and Compliance Standards.

  • Inventory Management    Search Existing Inventory by Part Manufacturer, Partial Part or Internal Part Numbers.  Track Component Consignment by Vendor and Lot.  Automatically Import To Search Excess and Availabilities in addition to Time Saving Automated Daily Electronic Component Inventory Website Uploads to Industry Websites like Broker Forum, IC Source and Governmental Sites. Instantly Determine Kitting Availability and Sourcing Requirements. Bar Code and Labeling for efficient Warehouse Operations, Professional Shipping and Real Time Inventory Management. We Support Various Inventory Currency Conversions, View Inventory in Base and Purchase Currency, Set Profit Margins and Know Profitability Instantly.
  • Customer Relationship & Contact Management   A Robust CRM Built In to Manage Customers, Vendors, Prospects; Assign Agents and Teams.  Eliminate Salesforce or Other External Software! Rz is Complete with Prospecting Tools and E-Mail Marketing Campaigns.  Additional Options To Monitoring Calls with Tracking, Phone Statistics and a Call Recordings Archive
  • Supply Chain Management    Maximize Sourcing with a Comprehensive Vendor Management Software Utilizing A Performance and Compliance Based Approach that is Electronic Component Distribution ISO Compliant.  Leverage Procurement and Delivery Visibility Organization Wide along with Real-Time Vendor Performance Rankings. System Intelligence Automatically Ranks Purchasing from Suppliers, Vendors, Contractors For Quality and On Time Deliveries.  Rating Declines Automatically Hold Customers, Vendors, Suppliers and Outside Contractors.  Direct (BOM) Bill of Material Import Automation Eliminates Errors and Saves TIME.  Generate Quotes Quickly and Track Incoming and Outgoing Product With a Comprehensive Supplier Management Overview.
  • Cloud-Based     Browser Access Powers Collaboration in the Office or Around the World.  Multiple Locations and Users Utilize Fast, Secure Access to Business Critical Data.
  • Work Flow Management    Sales and Supplier Orders are Visible by Individuals or Team Assignment. Sales and Procurement Easily Process and Track Orders, Deliveries and Timelines.  Search and Manage Electronic Component Inventory with Automated Inventory Site Uploads. From Shipping and Transit Logistics to Warehousing, Accounting and human resources, Rz Enterprise is Used for All Business Activities and Intuitive Intelligence Manages Manufacturing and Other Assets with our Predictive Systems AI, Reducing Downtime and Increasing Productivity.

Maximize Profits with Sales, Operational and Vendor Management Tools

Built In Functions are Necessary For Real Time Decision Making. A Configurable Performance Dashboard Provides Owners, Management and Sales Real Time Results and Projection Performance! Faster Searches and Better Processes Means MORE Leads Worked, MORE Opportunities Converted and MORE Orders Shipped That Means MORE Profit!

  • Accounting    A Full Chart Of Accounts, GAAP Compliant System For Real-Time Financial Management; Cash Flow, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Journal Entries, Profit & Loss, Inventory, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Check Writing and Banking Integration. Eliminate Import Export Errors and Adjustments to Quickbooks, Dynamics, Sage and Other External or Third Party Accounting Software. Close out Monthly, Quarterly and Annually with Ease for Timely Filing and Reporting!
  • Performance Reporting    See REAL TIME Profit Calculations and Profit Reporting. Set and Measure Profit Margins and Production Sales Goals with Instant Reports, Alerts and Sales Statistics. Utilize Forecasting Models to Get Profitability and Sales where you want them with Grow Your Business Tools!
  • Automation    Eliminate Tedious Manual Tasks! Ensure Electronic Data Interchange “EDI” Compliance; Advance Shipment Notices, Sales Follow Ups and Upload Inventory Daily to Websites AUTOMATICALLY and Export Data to Other Software. Our exclusive Customer Portal Eliminates Incoming Customer Shipment Calls by Allowing Them Secure Order Status Access. API Integration, Configurable Dashboard Alerts, Quickbooks Integration, Sage, Netsuite, Dynamics Integrations Are All Seamless And Automatic. Complex Commission Schedules are Easy In Rz, Management Level Permissions can Assign Payouts to Multiple Team Members with Different Percentages to Any Customer. See the Vendor RFQ Portal for More Automated Time Saving Tools to INCREASE SALES!
  • Order Entry    Automatically Create Purchase Orders and Email Documents for Confirmed Sales. Manage Scheduled Shipments and Track Transfers of Product to and from Testing, Kitting or Manufacturing Facilities. Manage Customer or Supplier Returned Merchandise (RMAs) with Ease and Full Visibility. Our Powerful Currency Conversion System Makes International Sales a Breeze, See Inventory In Purchase and Base Currency, Sell In a Third Currency and Calculate Profit Instantly!
  • Material & Manufacturing Management   Instant Search Capabilities, Inventory, Material & Manufacturing Management Leading to Efficient Warehouse Operations. The Rz ERP Monitors Operations with a Comprehensive Set Of Integrated Tools To Track Shipments, Inspect Incoming Items, Rate Supplier or Vendor Product Quality and Warehouse Inventory Items.
  • Sourcing & Quoting    Save Time, Eliminate Errors and Import Lists of RFQs DIRECTLY. Source Individual RFQs or by RFQ Batch and Coordinate Procurement and Purchasing Across The Organization. Full Email Integration Means Create Formatted Quotes Instantly, Attach Documentation and Email All in One Step!
  • The Vendor RFQ Portal     Eliminates Incomplete Supplier, Vendor, Sub Contractor Responses by Requiring ALL Necessary Conditions; Origin, Shipping etc in order to Submit. Completed Responses are Entered Directly Into the Secure Portal Eliminating Errors and Saving Time. Sales is Immediately Notified via Messaging Alerts.
  • OPPORTUNITY RANKING     Eliminates Guess Work and Automatically Prioritizes the Highest Value and Profit Opportunities To Work. Rz Makes Sure Sales is Working the Best Opportunities First.
  • Assembly and Kitting Manufacturing    Manufacturing made easy! Grow your Business More Built In Manufacturing Power. This Feature Instantly Calculates Inventory Requirements, Markups, Profits, Sourcing, Procurement and Manages Inventory Simultaneously.
  • Global Currency Conversion    Eliminate Currency Calculation Gymnastics and Grow your Business. Go Global and Calculate Conversions Instantly. Foreign Currency Calculation Tools are Built In!  Set your Sales Currency, Set Your Purchase Currency and Set Your Home Currency for Any Transaction.
  • Customer Portal  Eliminate Order Related Inquiries, give Customers Direct Access to Historical Orders and Current Order Status and Shipping Notifications

Data Security, Quality Assurance and Support

A Robust Set of Security Features Enables Management to Set User Permissions that Limits System and Data Access as Needed. Data Protection Protocols Eliminate Internal Espionage by Blocking Data Downloads, Deletion and Changes by Unauthorized Users.  Administrators Have Access to Key Data and Metrics In One Place.

  • Security    Fully Configurable-Administer Per-User Security Levels and Structure Teams with Specific Permissions. Management Access to Notifications, Sign-On/Off Processes and See Full Historical Order Change Tracking. Database Security Protocols Utilizing Redundant Daily Cloud Data Backups with Off Site Data Backups and Bank Level System Access.
  • Internal Data Security  Monitor All Internal Data Changes. User History Includes Changes to: Price, Quantity, Contacts and More. Eliminate Questions with A Time Stamp Record of any System Changes and Processes
  • Quality Control and Product Traceability    Utilize Strict Component Distribution Counterfeit Avoidance QC Processes which Includes Traceability, Origin, Photos and any Other Internal Requirements.  We Implement Your Specific Quality Assurance Checklist Procedures Which Can Include Digital Documentation and Product Photos. Vendor, Supplier and Manufacturing Delivery and Quality Rankings are Real Time and Reporting is Instant For Compliance and Component Distribution ISO Audits.
  • Bar Code Labeling  Takes your Warehouse to the Next Level. Professional Packaging is Just a Label Away and is Compatible with Zebra and Dymo Printers
  • Support    Access To Web Conference, On-Site Training and System Customization by Development Engineers and 24/7 Support With Automated Updates Means Users Are our Priority!

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