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A Complete Software System

In the Evolving Telecom Industry, Flexibility and Reliability are Key to Success. Whether you are Considering Adding a Telecom Business Line to Your Electronic Component Distribution Business or an Industry Veteran, Our Telecom Module Provides the Infrastructure for Companies to Focus on PROFITS and Operate Efficiently.

Rz Telecom Powers Distributors to:

  • Process Orders
  • Manage Inventory
  • Expedite the Sourcing and Quoting Process
  • Maintain Efficient Warehouse Operations
  • Implement Professional Shipping with Bar Code Labeling
  • Leverage Customer Relationships
  • Empower Your Sales Force
  • Rate Vendor, Supplier, Service Contractor Performance
  • Communicate with Management and Equity Holders

That’s just the beginning! Our Design Engineers Are Ready to Customize The Telecom Solution to Fit Your Company’s Specific Requirements. Contact us for a demo today to see How Rz Provides Your Business with the Most Streamlined Business Solution In The Industry!