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The Portal Module is a Secure Vendor Management Transaction Facilitator Engineered to EXPEDITE Purchasing! Streamlining the Procurement and Distribution Process Saves Time and Generates More Profits!  Eliminate Redundant Data Entry and Get the Details Right the FIRST time.

How It Works:

  • Set Up and Identify Sourcing Requirements
  • Send Target Suppliers or Vendors Receive a Response Link Taking Them to Your Secure Quote Requirements
  • Responses Must be Complete With All Requirements
  • No More Back and Forth to Confirm Requirements or Get Missing Information
  • Instant Sales and Management Notifications of Sourcing Responses
  • Accept All or Part of the Offers and Notification is Instant
  • Accepted Items Automatically Become the Purchase Order, No Additional Data Entry=No Mistakes!!!
  • The Items Are Automatically Scheduled For Delivery
  • System Notifications and Alerts Are Set Automatically
  • The Portal makes sure it’s Right the First Time=Work More Opportunities

This Process Makes Sure Procurement is Right the First Time,  ELIMINATES Data Entry Manpower and Data Entry Errors. The Receivable is Processed Automatically For Accounting, Shipping and Sales Once the Items have been Accepted. Get What You Need the First Time!

Your Quote Specifications are Not Limited But Can Include:

  • Available Quantities
  • Pricing
  • Packaging
  • Country Of Origin
  • Date Codes
  • Delivery
  • ETC, ETC…. ANY Other Necessary Requirements

The RFQ Portal Expedites the Sales Process:

  • Vendors, Suppliers and Contractors are Unable to Submit Incomplete Responses When Missing Any Required Data: Date Codes, Origin, Packaging or Any Other Requirements.
  • Completed RFQs are Received Directly into the Rz System Eliminating Manual Entry, Human Error and Saves Time!
  • The RFQ is Customized For Your Company and Professional
  • Management and Sales Approval Options
  • Review, Revise and Accept Instantly
  • Automated Full Team Response Notifications
  • Review, Evaluate and Accept ALL or Partial Offers
  • Eliminates Redundant Data Entry, Eliminating Data Entry Manpower and Errors

Rz Enterprise Business Intelligence Eliminates Manual Data Entry and Maximizes Efficiencies.  We Remove Obstacles So You Can Focus on Sales and Performance.


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