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System And Data Protection

Your Customer List, Sales History, Credit Limits, Inventory, Preferred Vendors and Other Information are Necessary Resources Available to Staff for Day to Day Operations. But Those Same Lists Comprise Key Corporate Assets That Must Be Protected From Cybersecurity Threats and Internal Espionage.

We Modeled the Dual Need for Accessibility and Security With a Comprehensive Set of Security and Permission Features. Each User Logs In with a Secure Account Password and All Activity is Tracked and Stamped with the Time and User. Teams Can Be Created and Populated with Business or Sales Groups so Assistants can Support Managers Without Compromising the Security of Other Teams. Each salesperson or Sales Team has Exclusive Access to Their Orders, Customers, Contacts and Performance Dashboard.

Our Data Servers and Disaster Planning Configuration Leverages the Premium Security and Platform Reliability Utilizing U.S. and European (AWS) Amazon Web Services to Protect Encrypted Data Along With Fully Encrypted System Communications. Additionally, An Automated Redundant Daily Backup To A Separate Web Server and with Weekly Off-Site Backups and Encryption of All Stored Data.  We are CMMC 1.0 Compliant. Oracle, ePDS, SDS4, NetSuite, Quickbooks, Pentagon, Cortracker, SQL and Microsoft Dynamics Databases are Easily Imported During Implementation.

We Utilize The Same SSL Certificate Based Security Used Across The Internet for Banking Applications At the Browser Log In Level and All Forms of Secure Communication.