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1-Use the “Orders” Sub-Menu to Create a “New Sales Order”, or Click “Sales Order” on an Existing “Quote”

Orders/New Sales Order or Sales Order on Existing “QUOTE”

2-Fill-In The Required Information Listed in the “Status” Tab

“Required” Sales Information Must Be Entered

3-Click “Add A New Sales Order Line” to Add a New Line to the Sales Order

4-Fill In the Line Item Details

5-For buy-in orders, select a vendor and enter a cost on the Purchase tab

Complete the Sale Information

6-For “Inventory Orders” Select the “Stock Item” on the Inventory Tab

7-Click “Save & Exit” and Return to the Sales Order

8-Click Save to update the Sales Order

9-Click “Sales Order Active” to Complete the “Sales Order” and the “Vendor Purchase Orders” will be Created Automatically and Will be Opened in “New Tabs”

Clicking “Sales Order Active” Opens “Vendor Purchase Orders” Automatically

10-Click “Print” and/or “Email” on Each “Purchase Order” to Send to the “Vendor”