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Time & Resource Saving Automation

The Rz Distribution System is Constantly Evolving to Maximize Sales by Conserving Human and Corporate Resources by Automating Every Task Possible. In an Increasingly Connected World, the Range of Daily Tasks Includes:

  • Advance Shipment Notifications
  • Rz System Efficiencies Turns Sales Assistants From Support Roles to Producers Lowering Fixed Overhead
  • Delivery Notifications
  • Quote Follow-Up Emails and System Notifications
  • A Customer Portal To Answer Order Related and Shipping Inquires
  • Automated Exports of Available Inventory and Uploads to Broker Industry Forum, Net Components and IC Electronic Components
  • Vendor Portal Eliminates RFQ Response Data Entry And Allows the Data to Flow Automatically through to AP
  • Integrated Accounting, Real Time Bank Balances, Cash Flow, Inventory, Receivables and Payables, Capital
  • Automated Importing Formatted RFQ Emails From Websites and Customers
  • Report and Dashboard Configuration
  • Late Shipment Warnings for Sales and Purchasing
  • Workload Forecast Delivery for operations
  • Kitting, Assembly and Manufacturing Eliminates Complex Inventory Calculations and Instantly Determines Sourcing
  • Global Currency Conversion Makes Multi Currency Transactions Simple
  • Opportunity Ranking Allows Teams to Focus On The Highest Value Opportunities Utilizing Configurable Dashboards
  • Quality Control, Quality Assurance and ISO Compliance Documentation
  • Redundant Off-Site Data Backup and Validation
  • Email Integration Allows Team and Management Access to Communications
  • Change History Provides Organizations User Information Change Audit History and Is Another Data Security Measure to Prevent Malfeasance and Espionage
  • Eliminate Third Party Software Systems and Spreadsheets With Built In TOOLS

Our Goal is to Remove Internal Roadblocks and Automate Redundant and Simplify Complex Tasks.  This Powerful Distribution System is Designed to Handle Business From End to End, Front to Back!