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Rz Software Features

Designed exclusively for electronic component distribution companies, Rz is a complete ERP software solution that can optimize purchasing, streamline processes and keep your company’s data secure. With a wide range of features and functionalities, Rz2020 takes an integrated approach to upgrading your purchasing strategies.

Streamline Processes

Maximize internal efficiency with an all-in-one system that can help manage, optimize and track the electronic component distribution process.

  • Inventory    Search inventory by part, alternatives and internal numbers; track consignment by vendor and lot; import and search excess and availabilities; upload to industry websites
  • Customer Relationship & Contact Management    Manage customers and vendors; assign agents and teams; access prospecting tools and e-mail marketing; monitor call tracking, phone statistics and call recording archive
  • Supply Chain Management    Manage sourcing; monitor vendor performance ranking; easy bill of material entry and import; generate quotes; track product
  • Cloud-Based Software    Implement software on your internal company network and access by browser; collaborate across the office or across the world; utilize fast, secure access to critical data
  • ERP Solution    Process and track orders; manage inventory

Maximize Purchasing Efficiency

Utilize key functions that enable your business to make informed business decisions and better serve customers.

  • Accounting    Manage accounts payable; manage accounts receivable; monitor your general ledger; budget and plan purchases
  • Reporting    See profit calculations and profit reporting; monitor business and financial reports; see sales statistics; forecast future business
  • Automation    Ensure electronic data interchange “edi” compliance; utilize advance shipment notices; interpret daily dashboard reports
  • Order Entry    Automatically create purchase orders for confirmed sales; manage scheduled shipments; track transfers of product to and from testing facilities; process customer and vendor RMAs
  • Sourcing & Quoting    Import lists of RFQs; source individual RFQs or by RFQ batch; coordinate purchasing across your organization; create formatted quotes

Security and Support

A robust set of security features enable you to maximize efficiencies with quick and secure access to key data and metrics all in one place.

  • Security    Administer per-user security levels; structure teams with membership roles; utilize notification and sign-off processes; see full historical change tracking
  • Quality & Traceability    Utilize counterfeit avoidance processes, quality assurance checklists, and digital document attachment and tracking
  • Support    Your business will have the opportunity to utilize on-site training by Recognin’s highly trained software experts

If you’re ready to streamline your business, contact one of Recognin Technologies’ electronic component software distribution experts to schedule a demo of our software today!